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Teargas used to smoke out burglars hiding in ceiling

Teargas used to smoke out burglars hiding in ceiling

Niël Terblanché

MEMBERS of the Namibian Police’s Special Reserve Force fired teargas canisters into a building in Tsumeb to smoke out two burglars hiding in the ceiling.


The two burglars were cornered in the roof of Shell Service Station when armed security guards reacted to an emergency call by the manager.
According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi the manager of the Shell Service Station in Tsumeb found the burglars inside the back office part of the building while she was unlocking the doors.


It is believed that the suspects broke into the Manager’s office through a window and disconnected the Closed Circuit Television security cameras before attempting to break into the safe.


Video: Members of the Special Reserve Force during an operation to apprehend two burglars that was hiding in the roof of the Shell Service Station in Tsumeb. – Footage: Contributed


The manager immediately pressed a panic button to summon armed security guards which caused the burglars to climb into the ceiling of the building in an attempt to escape.


Members of the Special Reserve force arrived soon after and fired teargas canisters into the building to smoke the burglars out of their hiding place. Shots from the special canister launchers caused some confusion and panic in passersby who were on their way to work. The suspects surrendered and were arrested on the spot.


It was discovered that one of the suspects was a former employee at the Shell Service Station who was fired recently for stealing money from the business. The suspect, a 34-year-old man, was out on bail after he was arrested and charged with theft.


The other suspect is a 31-year-old and both men were taken into custody and are set to appear in court on Monday.