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Teachers not paid since June

Teachers not paid since June

THE failure of parents to pay school fees to a Windhoek private school has resulted in teachers going without salaries.

A teacher at Dr Rita Johnson Private Elementary School, who declined to be named, said that they were not paid since June this year. The teacher stated that they are frustrated and can’t sustain themselves anymore and thus decided to take the matter to the Labour Commissioner.

“The economy is worsening and we need to pay for transport to come to school and we sacrifice to make sure we come give classes without being paid for almost four month,” said one teacher.

Bishop Abraham Wahl, Director of the school, said he would not talk to Informanté because the teachers are well informed on the subject.

Peggy Bester, the principal of the school, said she does not want to get involved in the issue because the teachers went to the union without informing her.

“I don’t work with the (financial) books, only the human resource department of the school will know if the teachers are paid or not paid,” said Bester.

The Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU) Senior Organiser Cleophas Katuoo confirmed a complaint was lodged with them and that they will have a meeting on Friday with Abraham to discuss the situation.

The school is registered with the Ministry of Education and accommodates about 3 900 students from Grades 0 to 7 and employs 21 teachers.

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