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Taxi driver arrested for sexually violating 3 young sisters… As police report a total 9 rape incidents this weekend 

Taxi driver arrested for sexually violating 3 young sisters… As police report a total 9 rape incidents this weekend 

Staff Reporter

A 67-year-old taxi driver entrusted to drop off and pick up three underage sisters from school in Rehoboth last week reportedly took the minors to his house where he proceeded to sexually violate them by forcing them to caress his private parts.

According to the Namibian police weekend crime report, the suspect picked up the three sisters, aged 6, 7 and 9, from school, but instead of taking them home, he instead went to his house in block D where he instructed them to his stroke his penis after stripping naked.

The incident happened between Monday, 23 September, and Thursday, 26 September.

A rape and incest incident was reported in Outapi after a 61-year-old man sexually assaulting his biological daughter, who is under the age of 16, and impregnated her.

PERPETUAL VIOLENCE: picture for illustrative purposes only.

The rape allegedly took place during January 2019 at Omufituwenghete village, Outapi Constituency in the Omusati region. 

The man is expected to appear in court today.

In a similar incident, another elderly man from Aroab, aged 58, was arrested after he repeatedly raped a minor over a five-year period between May 2014 and May 2018.

The rape incidents reportedly happened in Aroab and at farm Sandduine. 

The police has also reported that three men gang raped a 14-year-old girl in the Kavango East Region, Shighuru village, on Wednesday, 25 September. 

According to the police, the three men grabbed the victim by her arm and pulled her into the bushes, tied her arms and legs and took turns raping her. One of the suspects has been arrested.

The Swakopmund police also recorded a gang rape case in Mondesa after two unknown men on Saturday, 28 September, at around 03:00 approached a 22-year-old woman who was on her way home and held her at knifepoint. 

The suspected, after dragging the young woman to an empty house, ordered her to undress and took turns raping her. 

They then decided to take the victim to another location to continue sexually violating her; however, on their way to the unknown location, the victim saw a group of men from her neighbourhood and ran towards them for safety.

The two suspects reportedly ran away. No arrests have yet been made.

Another case of rape was also reported in Outjo after a man, age unknown, repeatedly raped a 12-years-old girl. 

The incident happened on Monday, 23 September, and Tuesday, 24 September, at an  unknown time at Camp 5 location in Outjo. 

The suspect has not yet been arrested, but his identity is known.

In another case of rape, a teenage boy is accused of raping a 21-year-old pregnant woman. The incident took place on Saturday, 28 September at around 03:00 at Epukiro, Du Plessis area.

It is alleged that the suspect, a 16-years-old boy, found the victim at another house and volunteered to escort her home. 

Upon arrival at her house, the suspect asked to sleep next to the victim, however, after she refused his advances, he dragged her into a nearby bush where he tore her underwear and raped her before fleeing from the scene. 

The victim is 6-months pregnant and is not related to the suspect.

The teenager is known to the police, but by Monday was still at large.

Police investigation continue.

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