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SWAPO still a vital force in Namibia

SWAPO still a vital force in Namibia

Staff Reporter
On the day the SWAPO Party celebrates its 59 the year of existence it embarked on a new historic mission toconsolidate peace, unity and stability to bring about prosperity for all Namibina.
The President of the SWAPO Party, Dr. Hage Geingob, issued a statementinwhich he descirbes the ruling party as a vital force for the socio economic transformation of the Namibian people even at the age of 59.

The full statement of the Party President reads as follows:
Today, 59 Years ago, on 19 April 1960, SWAPO emerged out of the Owamboland People’s Organization (OPO) to rise as the unifying vanguard movement of the Namibian people in their struggle for liberation, to end the ghastly Apartheid occupation of their motherland, and usher the country into independence. SWAPO emerged victorious, as it completed that historic task and revolutionary mission with distinction.
Independence was won by marshalling the courageous Namibian people inside the country through political activism, on the diplomatic terrain around the world, and on military battlefront through the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN). Apartheid occupation ended with the ascent of the Namibian flag, a policy of national reconciliation and a new Government on 21 March 1990 under the leadership of SWAPO following the first democratic elections of 1989.
The SWAPO Party is leading Namibia towards another historic mission, consolidating peace, unity and stability in the Namibian House, and commanding the Namibian people into an era of prosperity. It is a promise we shall fulfil as a revolutionary movement whose primary concern remains the welfare and unity of the Namibian people. A lot has been achieved under the SWAPO Party Government and Namibia is today a better place for the
To consolidate the gains of independence, and emerge victorious in the second phase of our struggle for economic emancipation, as the SWAPO Party, we should live up to our motto of a united and hardworking rank and file. With confidence, and by holding hands as the rank and file of the mighty SWAPO Party, we should continue to advance and advocate for the noble task of deepening the socio-economic transformation of the Namibian people.
On 19 April 2019, this day of the founding of our progressive movement 59 years ago, as we continue to grow our movement after celebrating 29 years of Independence on 21 March 2019, we should remind ourselves as Party cadres of the battles won, and the mission of socio-economic transformation that we should complete. As the rank and file of the SWAPO Party, we shall emerge victorious in our endeavours, guided by our founding ideal of a commitment to solidarity, freedom in all its manifestations and a profound sense of justice.
On behalf of the rank and file, I wish our revolutionary SWAPO Party, a happy Birthday.

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