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Swapo regional coordinator must resign

Swapo regional coordinator must resign

Maria David

ANGRY members of Swapo at Oshakati in the Oshana Region have on Thursday demanded that the Swapo Party’s regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo resign with immediate effect.


In their petition the party supporters also demanded that Leo Shinime and Heimo Uunona must be sworn in as members of Oshakati Local Authority to replace Onesmus Shilunga and Gabriel Kamwanka, after the executive committee for the two Swapo districts of Oshakati East and West on Tuesday recalled the duo, as members of the Oshakati Local Authority, for allegedly declining to be sworn in at 12h00 last Friday.


The duo declined to be sworn in, protesting against the return of their fellow councillor Katrina Shimbulu, who resigned towards the end of last year to contest for a Swapo parliamentary seat during the 27 November 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.


However, Shimbulu failed to secure a seat in the National Assembly, hence her U-turn.


Swapo regional coordinator resign Oshana
Pictured: Swapo Party’s regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo. Photo: Contributed


Spokesperson of the protesting Swapo members, Sigo Amunyela accused Nelongo of contradicting the Swapo executive committee’s decision to recall Shilunga and Kamwanka.


Amunyela further accused Nelongo of being a supporter of Dr Panduleni Itula, as an independent presidential candidate in the Presidential Election last year.


He further alleged that Nelongo used N$ 4 000 from the party coffers to fund transportation of the Itula supporters from Oshakati to and from polling stations such Omahenene, Omeege and Oshihenge.


“Main point, Samuel Nelongo must resign with immediate effect,” Amunyela announced.


Amunyela alleged that Nelongo has been using the party car to go steal and misused party resources.


“It is their right to air their views and grievances, and whatever you have raised will be forwarded to the regional Swapo leadership for consideration,” said Nelongo while receiving the petition.


Furthermore, Nelongo stated that the allegations of theft and transportation of independent presidential candidate supporters, has to be submitted to the office of the Secretary-General for proper response.