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Suspects in N$200 000 drug bust, appeal bail

Suspects in N$200 000 drug bust, appeal bail

FOUR young adults comprising of two Namibians, a British and German national, appeared in the High Court on Tuesday to request an appeal on their bail application after the Windhoek lower courts denied their request for bail in a case in which they were busted in possession of drugs worth N$200 000.

The suspects, 19 year old Lee Douglas Surtees Jenkins,19 year old Wesley Welgemoed, Buruxa Butkus ,age 30 years, and Verena Salzmann, age unknown, are charged with six counts of dealing, possession, and transportation of drugs, assault of a police officer, pointing of firearm, attempt to escape from lawful custody and for contravening the Medicines and Pharmacy Act following a successive  police raid after they received a tip-off on a house in Klein Kuppe belonging to Butkus, stashed with  drugs and an unlicensed firearm.

A police crime report said that the drugs ranged from Skunk, MDMA, LSD, Ecstasy, magic mushrooms, cocaine, cat, schedule-5 medicines, steroids, and needles.

Their defense lawyer, Hassan Engelbrecht, agreed with Judge Alfred Siboleka to have their bail hearing on 19 November, 2018.

The lawyer stated that he would file his points of arguments as early as 9 November in order to guarantee an immediate court procedure while the state prosecutor would file theirs on the 16 November.

Court documents indicate that a drug law enforcement unit and investigating officer during the time they apprehended Butkus, said that he admitted that all the drugs were his.

The officer also indicated that Jenkins admitted to having brought the drugs to Butkus.

In the meantime, Butkus, who is engaged to Salzmann, who came into Namibia on a visiting visa, allegedly admitted to being a cocaine addict and has a previous conviction.



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