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Suspected goat thieves nabbed

Suspected goat thieves nabbed

Placido Hilukilwa

RESIDENTS of Oshakati were shocked to discover that a stock theft syndicate has been operating in their midst for a prolonged time without being noticed.


The syndicate was dismantled Tuesday when the police apprehended three suspected stock thieves who were allegedly conducting their criminal activities in nearby villages and the informal settlements of Oshakati.


It is alleged that an unknown number of thieves have been stealing goats in the surrounding villages and slaughtering the animals before selling the meat to their “female customers” in the informal settlements of Oshakati who then cooked and sold the meat at the Open Market.


Oshakati syndicate theft stock
Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


According to the Oshana’s regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Hilja Haipumbu, a 37-year-old male suspect was arrested Tuesday together with two female suspects aged 32 and 47 years respectively.


The police recovered eight goat carcasses valued at N$25,000.
Some of the carcasses were found hidden in sleeping rooms, under the beds, in the Uupindi and Oshoopala informal settlements.


Small stock farmers in the vicinity of Oshakati are now flocking to the police station, revealing how for a long time they mysteriously lost their animals, one after the other.


One particular old resident of Othingo village reported having lost nine goats in a matter of few days.


The suspects will appear in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court as soon as they are properly charged.


The police did not exclude the possibility of arresting more suspects in this case as the investigation progresses.