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Stop playing the blame game

Stop playing the blame game

Maria David

TEACHERS must go back to the drawing board to reflect critically and systematically on their teaching rather than shifting the blame on matters that is beyond their control.


According to Education Executive Director Sannet Steenkamp there has been a tendency of shifting the blame from one person to another, focusing on issues which are beyond their control instead of rolling up their sleeves to solve real problems such as the state of teaching and learning in the school.


Steenkamp made the remarks while speaking during the high level information sharing meeting on the state of education in the Oshana Region on Tuesday.


Teachers blame education Oshana
Pictured: Education Executive Director Sannet Steenkamp. Photo: Contributed


“We keep on blaming and complaining instead of confronting the major challenges that will eventually play a determining role in shaping the future of learners in a continued and focused way,” said Steenkamp.


Furthermore, she said that self reflection, weaknesses in teaching and learning have been identified as the principle cause of learners underperformance in many schools.


She called on school principals to start holding their teachers accountable and avoid turning a blind eye to their lack of drive, absenteeism, laziness or mistakes that they may encounter.


“You should be able to address these problems with confidence. The responsibility to uplift your school and to build capacity of your teachers rest with you,” added Steenkamp.


In the same vain Steenkamp urged school board members to be critical thinkers and to hold principals, school management and teachers accountable at all times.


At the same time boards should allow for diversity in the appointment of teachers and principals in order to promote accountability.