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Speeding bus driver will be disciplined

Speeding bus driver will be disciplined

Staff Reporter

DEON Verster, the Managing Director of the Nexus Group indicated that the endangerment of other motorists by one of the company’s bus drivers will be dealt with decisively.


A video clip of one of the Nexus busses driving recklessly at high speed made the rounds on social media platforms which meant the company responded quickly.



“Thank you very much for sharing the information regarding the reckless driving of the Nexus bus with me. The evidence (especially the video clip) has been forwarded to our HR department and will be used in the disciplinary investigation and subsequent action against the driver,” Verster said.


He apologized to the public on behalf of the company for the endangerment of road users as a result of these actions by their employee.


“Please rest assured that it will not be left unpunished,” he said.

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