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Special school receives brand new Braille machines

Special school receives brand new Braille machines

Maria David
THE donation of machines that will assist blind children of the Eluwa Special School to increase their ability to communicate will go a long way in their education and their eventual contribution to the economy and society when they grow up.
On Friday Ongwediva Mayor, Angelina Angula, handed two Perkins Braille typewriters on behalf of schoolchildren from the town of Lommel in Belgium over to the Eluwa Special School. The two Perkins Braille machines are valued at N$27 550.
According Mayor Angula this gesture is the result of the Ongwediva Town Council hosting an International Youth Exchange Program in April last year, were youth from Lommel Town Council visited the special school.
This donation followed many others in the past, for instance in 2016 Lommel donated five Perkins typewriters and special Braille paper valued N$82 782 to the special school in Ongwediva.
“We have jointly established that in order to enhance the quality of education at this institution, there should be an injection of equipment such as the Braille machines,” said Angula.
She said that it is her hope without any doubt, that these machines will be put to good use through the capable leadership of Eluwa Special School.
“We believe that children with special needs are our responsibility and they too are able to contribute to the development of our town, our region and the country at large, given the opportunity through quality education,” she added.
Angula stated that the contribution made through this City to City twinning agreement over the past 21 years has made significant impact in the wellbeing of their citizens.
She called on the private sector and individuals to come forth and assist this school with the little resources one can dispose.