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Special operation brings crime numbers down

Special operation brings crime numbers down

Special operation brings crime numbers down

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Niel Terblanche

A virtual mountain of dangerous weapons was confiscated from hundreds of people during the normal Festive Season crime prevention operation of the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region.
According to Erongo Regional Commander, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu, the crime prevention operation already started at the end of November and it will continue well into January. He said the normal operation got a welcome boost when soldiers of the Namibian Defense Force joined the police under the auspices of Operation Hornkranz.
“When the NDF joined us on 26 December under Hornkranz we were able to extend our operations much further. The availability of abundant manpower meant we were able to attend to many more cases and complaints. Stop-and-search activities at bars and other venues where people were drinking and the confiscation of dangerous weapons such as knives and pangas prevented many instances of serious crime.”
A very large portion of the dangerous weapons put on display were the dreaded Okapi knives. At least 200 were taken away from people by the police. Police officers also found people in bars armed with pangas and even swords.
Commissioner Nelumbu said some of the people were charged with possession or carrying of dangerous weapons in public. Others were charged with possession of illicit drugs but that the quantities found were small.
“Why would any person go to a bar armed with a panga if his intention is not harm others? People are endangering themselves and those around them unnecessarily.”
Commissioner Nelumbu also gave some statistics and said during the holiday season 181 motor vehicle accidents were reported to the police in the Erongo Region. He said only five people died and 28 were injured droning all these accidents. According to the commander 51 cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, two cases of murder and four suicides were reported so far and said the statistics show a decline in instances of crime in general.
“We still have to compile and calculate the numbers when the crime prevention operation comes to an end in the second week of January, but thus far it looks like we had fewer instances of crime than the previous summer holiday season.”

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