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Southern Namibia finally receives rain

Southern Namibia finally receives rain

Niël Terblanché

AFTER years of no rain, heavy showers surprised thankful farmers in parts of southern Namibia while good rains continued in the north.


Although no official measurements are available one farmer about 40 kilometres east of Keetmanshoop reported that 40 millimetres fell at his homestead and that the river near his home came into flood.


The thundershower that soaked the parched earth was preceded by strong winds which caused some damage to infrastructure.


The rain to the east of Keetmanshoop also caused the Löwen River to flood for the first time in years.



Heavy downpours were also reported south of the Karas Mountains and even as far to the south east as Araimsvlei. Most of the reports by farmers and residents of the small southern towns stated that between 10 and 40 millimetres of rain were received during the course of Tuesday afternoon.


Koës and Aroab also received soaking rains.


To the west large swaths of land between Helmeringhausen and Maltahöhe was also drenched by sustained rain over the past two days which left lower laying areas flooded with water.


Good rains continued to fall sporadically in the east, central and northern parts of the country.


In the Kunene Region enough rain fell to cause rivers like the Aba Huab and Hoarosib Rivers to come into flood again. Tour guides, who regularly travel far up the coast into the Skeleton Coast Park, said the Hoarosib River is still flowing into the sea.


The system carrying the moisture is slowly moving to the east as a high pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean to the south west of the South Africa is redirecting the weather.


According to the Namibia Meteorological Service the interior of the Namibia can expect partly cloudy and warm to hot weather conditions with few to isolated thundershowers in the north, north-east and central-eastern areas. Windy weather will prevail over large parts of the country.


Residents at the coast can expect partly cloudy and cool to warm weather with fog patches in parts.