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Silver Jubilee will celebrate reintegration of Walvis Bay

Silver Jubilee will celebrate reintegration of Walvis Bay

Niël Terblanché

ONE of the most historic milestones reached by Namibia as a country since attaining independence was the reintegration of Walvis Bay and the country’s 12 offshore islands 25 years ago.


In this regard the preparations for the Silver Jubilee celebrations that would mark the re-integration with the rest of Namibia reached its final stage.
Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, envelope Martin said at the official announcement of the date of the celebration that it would be a colourful affair that would slot in with the annual Erongo Expo on 2 November.


“The reintegration of the Walvis Bay enclave and the offshore islands serves as a reminder of the bravery of many Namibians who sacrificed so much for the total independence of the country,” she said.


The current Vice-president of Namibia, Nangolo Mbumba and the judge president of Namibia, Petrus Damaseb headed the negotiations with South Africa on behalf of Namibia and after a gruelling process secured the territory for their country. Both will deliver special messages at the celebrations at the beginning of November.

Pictured: The Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, Penelope Martin and Jimmy Julie, Director of Roatra Investment with Dr. Marthian Uumati, Managing Director of Erongo Marine Enterprises during the official announcement of the Silver Jubilee celebration that will take place during the first weekend of November. – Photo: Niël Terblanché

The director of Roatra Investments, Jimmy Julie, who stands at the head of the organisation of the celebratory event, said the plan is for the people of Walvis Bay to celebrate the event.


He said a street procession through the streets of the harbour town led by the Namibian Navy’s band will end at the Kuisebmond Stadium where formalities by official speakers will be followed by a music show.


The Managing Director of Erongo Marine Enterprises, Dr. Martha Uumati said during the event where the celebration of the Silver Jubilee was announced that many fishing companies owes their current success to the policies put in place by the Namibian Government since the reintegration of Walvis Bay to Namibia.


“Like many others the Oceana Group’s history and success in Namibia is closely linked to the town of Walvis Bay and its fishing industry. On behalf of Oceana Namibia Group of Companies, I would like to wish the Walvis Bay Municipality and the event organiser, Roatra Investments, all the best with the preparations and planning.”


Dr. Uumai announced that Erongo Marine Enterprises’ decision to sponsor of the Silver Jubilee event with N$300 is an expression of gratitude towards the town and also a gesture of giving something back to the community of Walvis Bay.


The Walvis Bay enclave and the 12 offshore islands along the Namibian coast were officially re-integrated with Namibia on 1 March 1994 after the previous regime in South Africa gave in to sustained international pressure. Since then the town has become one of the major engines driving economic development of the country through the port and fishing industry situated in the harbour town.

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