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Shimbulu’s return divides council

Shimbulu’s return divides council

Maria David

INFIGHTING within the Oshakati Town Council turned the swearing-in ceremony into a drama, as Kartina Shimbulu’s return to the council angered some members.


During the council election Katrina Shimbulu was re-nominated and sworn-in as a member of the Oshakati Town Council and member of the Management Committee, without some of the council members being informed in advance.


Angelus Iiyambo was re-elected as the Mayor of Oshakati while Ndamononghenda Hamunjela will serve as deputy mayor. Loise Shivolo also retained her position as member of Management Committee.


Allegations were rife during the elections of council members on Monday, that two members of Swapo party in the council were protesting as they were unable to get the seats which they desired.



The two members are former Mayor Onesimus Shilunga and former chairperson of the Management Committee Gabriel Kawmanka, who are reportedly trying to retain their old positions in the council.


Shilunga is currently serving as the MC Chairperson, while, Kamwanka serves as the ordinary council member for Swapo.


Replying to presiding Magistrate Antonious Shapumba’s questions if there was any members absent with an apology, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kornelius Kapolo, said the two members were absent without giving any valid reason.


However, Iyambo told Informate that the protesting of the two Swapo members does not affect the workflow of council in anyway.


“We will wait for the decision from the Swapo Party district as to what will happen to Shilunga and Kamwanka. We are and by the party and can’t take up any decision of our own,” said Iiyambo, adding that it is up to the party to decide on the way forward.


Meanwhile, Popular Democrtic Movement (PDM) councillor Linus Tobias said that the people who are fighting for seats are not doing it for the interest of the community they serve, but for their stomachs.

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