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Sexual predator hangs himself

Sexual predator hangs himself

Sexual predator hangs himself

Niël Terblanché

THE 30-year-old Elia Muheua, also known as Tjipaha, committed suicide by hanging himself from a branch of a tree while on the run from the Namibian Police for the rape of a minor.

Muheua was the main suspect in the rape over the weekend of a six-year-old girl from the Okotjoto village near Omatjete. She was allegedly raped while in his care.

According to Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the suspect hung himself with a piece of wire and said the suicide occurred between Monday and Tuesday this week in the bushes near his residence in the Okotjoto village.

“The deceased’s body was discovered by a goat herder late on Tuesday afternoon. The goat herder notified the family who in turn notified the local police,” he said.

Iikuyu confirmed that the deceased person was the main suspect in the brutal rape.

The young rape victim and her two-year-old brother were left at home with their uncle by their mother who went to view the progress of the construction of her new home. She was alerted by neighbors about her child bleeding and upon arriving home, the little girl told her mother what had happened while she was gone.

The suspect fled and the young rape victim was rushed to hospital last Sunday afternoon with serious injuries to her private parts.

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