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Security of personal data online pertinent – Simataa

Security of personal data online pertinent – Simataa

Business reporter

THE Minister of information and communication technology, Stanley Simataa has stated that more attention needs to be paid to the security of personal data, the security of operations of institutions as well as the security of the state.
Simataa gave these marks at the opening of the 3rd annual Namibia Internet Governance Forum (NAMIGF).
The minister of information stated that given the heightened cyber security threats, more attention needs to be paid to cyber security and any laxity in the system has potential to compromise the security of the internet subsequently the trust and confidence of users.
“Such threats need to be properly mitigated. Going forward, we will continue to rely on your sustained indulgence as stakeholders in such matters. As a country, Namibia should continue to derive maximum utility from the internet,” Simataa said at the gathering of industry experts, trend-setters and influencers from the Namibian internet family.

INTERNET GOVERNANCE: Minister of information and communication technology, Stanley Simataa. Photo: contributed

He further stated that issues such as the Future of ICT are of particular interest to government as it navigates critical issues pertaining to Data Protection which is central to the advancement of Namibia’s Digital Agenda.
Simataa lamented that a list of issues namely; digital inclusion, digital economy, ICT security in government or user security is caused by a lack of digital skills in key areas of the Namibian ICT industry; the pervasive lack of digital literacy among the majority of the rural masses which frustrates the country’s efforts towards digital inclusion; and the perennial lack of appetite for innovations which is compounded by the absence of an innovation ecosystem that does not frustrate innovators.
“The emergence of social media which if not properly midwifed threatens to continue to release a deluge of unverified and invalidated information that has potential to do more harm than good in terms of providing credible and reliable information.” Simataa warned.
Since its establishment, the NamIGF has been represented at the Global IGF, the Africa IGF, the SADC IGF and the West Africa IGF.