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Safety of the community comes first

Safety of the community comes first

Video: Khomas Regional Commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo, at a meeting with residents of the Samora Machel Constituency in Windhoek. – Footage: Contributed

Niël Terblanché
THE new Commander of the Namibian Police in the Khomas Region Commissioner Joseph Shikongo, during a recent public meeting with residents of the Samora Machel Constituency in Windhoek appealed to the community to assist the police in combating crime on all levels.
Commissioner Shikongo interacted with the community during the meeting and assured the people that the current joint crime fighting operation underway in Namibia, is aimed at the safety of law abiding citizens.
At the start of the long weekend he said: “The safety of the people comes first and I made it my mission to ensure that people will be able to go about their daily lives without the threat of crime impeding on their freedoms.”
He urged the public to cooperate with the various law enforcement bodies involved in Operation Kalahari Desert to avoid unnecessary confrontations and altercations.
Commissioner Shikongo urged people not to interfere with officers on duty and on patrol and reiterated that the public should understand that the crime prevention operation is in their best interest.
“We will rely heavily on the community to point out where and when crimes are committed,” he said.
Commissioner Shikongo made it clear that the community is welcome to approach the Namibian Police with legitimate complaints of harsh treatment at any time.

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