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Rössing Uranium donates N$200k towards COVID-19

Rössing Uranium donates N$200k towards COVID-19

Staff Reporter

CNNC Rössing Uranium Limited has donated N$200,000 towards the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) to help in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Namibia.


Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Executive Director of Health, Ben Nangombe, assured the donor that every cent of the donation will be accounted for and spent on the emergency case of COVID-19.


He added that since the outbreak of CoVid-19, the government of Namibia has demonstrated its commitment to the wellbeing of the people of Namibia by providing significant resources to counter COVID-19.


LET US JOIN HANDS: The Ministry of Health has urged all stakeholders to contribute towards the fight against COVID-19. Photo: Contributed


“At the very onset, allow me to thank the CNNC Rossing Uranium Ltd for providing the state with the unique opportunity to enable them to be actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19. Had it not been for their generous efforts and hard work, this event could not materialise,” Nangombe stated.


He stated that despite challenges faced by the Namibian nation, the health ministry is committed to fight against the coronavirus; of which three cases have been confirmed positive thus far.


“We will be able to fight this, together with all the stakeholders and Namibian nation at large. I would like to call upon all stakeholders in the sectors of health and social welfare services to put efforts together so that we succeed in making Namibia a better place; by coming up with similar gestures, as part of their corporate social responsibilities,” Nangombe concluded.