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Robbery scam backfires on married couple

Robbery scam backfires on married couple

Niël Terblanché
The 27-year-old Ilse Simon, an employee of The Raft, a restaurant in Walvis Bay, and her husband Andre Von Nieler spent the past weekend in police custody after it was discovered by detectives that the couple faked an armed robbery where N$56 238 was allegedly taken from them by a taxi driver.
The alleged armed robbery in the streets of Walvis Bay was reported to the police last Tuesday. The 27-year-oldwoman told police that she was on her way to bank the money on behalf of her Chinese employer when the purported incident occurred.
According to her statement, she was driving in her vehicle when an unidentified suspect forced her to stop her vehicle before smashing the passenger side window and grabbing her handbag on the street. The suspect then allegedly jumped into a taxi and fled the scene.
The Chinese owner of The Raft Eric Chung Min Chen approached the Walvis Bay police with a complaint of a break in at their business on Friday. In the complaint laid with the police the Chinese business owner stated that a safe with N$6 000 in cash and some business files were stolen from the premises of The Raft during a break-in.
Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu said investigations into the robbery revealed that Simon made a false statement about the alleged robbery. It also revealed that the woman and her husband were responsible for the break-in at the popular restaurant.
“The statement about the armed robbery was made under oath and when it was discovered that she lied, the woman was charged with perjury and robbery. Her involvement in the break-in also led to a charge of housebreaking and theft.”
The couple was arrested and appeared in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court on robbery, perjury and housebreaking charges. Her husband was also arrested for his alleged involvement in the robbery scam. The money stolen during the ‘robbery’ and housebreaking has not been recovered yet.
Investigators are still looking for a third suspect in the matter.

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