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Rivers run after good rains in north western Namibia

Rivers run after good rains in north western Namibia

Niël Terblanché
GOOD rains over the north western parts of Namibia caused several dry river beds in the area between Okangwati and Opuwo to flood with storm water.
Up to 40 millimetres of rain were measured on farms surrounding Kamanjab and further south some rain was reported at Outjo, Kalkfeld, Omaruru and even over the area of the Brandberg in the Namib Desert.
The systems causing the rain have dissipated and according to meteorologists the cold front currently moving past the southern tip of Africa can however cause rain in the extreme south of Namibia.
The central north and south eastern regions of the country can expect partly cloudy and hot conditions while elsewhere sunny and hot conditions will prevail
At the coast residents can expect partly cloudy and cold to mild condtions with a few rain showers in the extreme south.

Pictured: North western Namibia after good rains fell in the area of Okangwati. Many dry river beds came into flood as a result. – Photos: Contributed by Tanja Jacobie.

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