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Rising retirement of veterans a concern

Rising retirement of veterans a concern

Zorena Jantze

THE Ministry of Veteran Affairs has announced that it will experience a shortfall N$15 million as over 300 former PLAN combatants are expected to retire from active service this year alone.

IN NEED: The Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Hilma Nicanor. Photo: Marthina Mutanga

The Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, Hilma Nicanor, noted that a total of N$167.5 million has been allocated to her ministry to improve the wellbeing of former combatants.

She added, however, that an anticipated total 313 ex-plan combatants who qualify for the welfare grant will retire from active service, which will create a shortfall in funds.

According to Nicanor,  the Veterans Affairs ministry was allocated N$685,6 million at the end of 2018/19 Financial Year, with the number of veterans receiving the monthly subvention allowance standing  at 16 056.

The Minister further stated that for funeral assistance to families of deceased veterans and erection of tombstones, the ministry is obligated to accord veterans dignified and befitting burials and therefore offer funeral assistance to families.

She says that an amount of N$2 million has been requested for the funeral assistance, while N$1 million is required for the erection of tombstones.

With regard to the ongoing process of the identification and registration of veterans, Nicanor stated that 55,279 applications have been received, of which 30,304 were approved.

Nicanor noted that in order for the Ministry to effectively manage and supervise the attainment of its strategic plans and corresponding annual work plans, an additional amount N$91,2 million is needed for the programmes.

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