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Residents want road repaired

Residents want road repaired

RESIDENTS living along the Cowboy road at Katima Mulilo are urging the Town Council to fix roads in the area.

Residents want repairs done for visible potholes and uneven surfaces as soon as possible to prevent accidents from occurring.

Jacky Simasiku, a resident, said the poor road conditions should not be looked at lightly as they could cause damages to vehicles.

“Poor roads have a negative effect on the town. No investor would want to invest in our town when our road network is bad and scary for those using the road for the first time,” said Simasiku.

He added that it is not a trivial matter as the potholes fill up with water whenever it rains damaging the roads even more.

“People have had to endure the bad road conditions and potholes for some time now with nothing being done,” he added.

He explained that there are a lot of school-going children and workers who use the road daily, which remains dangerous to people.

Approached for comment Katima Mulilo Town Council Public Relation Officer, Muyoba Muyoba, admitted that there are some potholes, but that the road section within the council is mandated to do road maintenance.

“When people say we are doing nothing, they think that we are not busy with road maintenance. We are working around the clock to keep our roads in good conditions,” said Muyoba.

Muyoba added that as council, they decide on a yearly budget that includes maintenance of the Cowboy Street.
“We are working on programs, despite having insufficient fund in our coffers,” stated Muyoba.

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