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Residents demand feedback on high water bills

Residents demand feedback on high water bills

Residents demand feedback on high water bills

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Marthina Mutanga

Angry residents of Namibia’s capital city inundated the offices of the City of Windhoek to demand an explanation for extremely high water bills.
The unhappy people all claim that they have been grossly overcharged and some of the amounts reflected on their latest monthly utility bills vary between N$2 000 and N$22 000 
The City of Windhoek Mayor, Muezee Kazapua, confirmed the current state of affairs and said the city has launched an investigation into the cause of the huge discrepancies.
Before the end of last year the City of Windhoek informed that residents should monitor their own water meter readings.
Over the past five years local media has been saturated with reports about how the city will run out of water, and promises to come up with long-term solutions have fallen by the wayside.
The capital city of Namibia is currently accommodating up to a quarter of the country’s population of 2, 4 million people. Windhoek relies on NamWater for 70 percent of its water supply, while the remaining portion is sourced from the municipality’s own dams and boreholes.
However, due to poor rainfall, NamWater reported low water levels in the three main dams where Windhoek sources its water from.
The price of water seemed to have gone up considerably which seems to be the cause for the extremely high amounts reflected on their accounts.

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