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Rehoboth Killer apologises for crimes

Rehoboth Killer apologises for crimes

Rehoboth Killer apologises for crimes

Remorseful: Eldrin Goliath._Photo: Contributed

Drugs and alcohol contributed to murder

Eba Kandovazu

A REHOBOTH youngster, convicted of raping and killing his friend after a drinking spree, on Wednesday apologised to her family, citing that alcohol and drugs influenced.

A tale of a teenage boy, whose mother died when he was just a toddler, growing up without a father and resorting to alcohol and drugs marred the tearful apology of Eldrin Goliath,22, as he stood in the dock in a gallery packed with the deceased, 16-year-old Camilla Steyn’s family.

The state is alleging that Goliath and the deceased were at a popular hang-out spot on the night of 6 November, 2016. They then reportedly left the bar and proceeded to a building under construction, where the rape and murder occurred. It is also alleged that after the gruesome murder, Goliath took Steyn’s phone, which led to another charge of theft. A doctor who carried out the post-mortem found that she died of manual strangulation.

“If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have made a better choice. I made a bad decision, hence my being here today with no one to blame but myself. Things happened unexpectedly. It was never my intention to kill her. To her family, I apologise for the pain I’ve caused you. It might not be easy but please forgive me. I know my actions have robbed the community,” Goliath said.

Goliath was testifying in mitigation that he was raised by his grandmother after his mother died when he was just five years old. His father, according to him, never cared about him.

Camilla’s mother, Jennifer Steyn, asked the court yesterday to lock the accused away as he is a danger to society. Describing her only daughter as a girl with high standards and ambitions, Jennifer testified that since Camilla’s death, her home has not been the same anymore.

“She wanted to study accounting. Her brothers looked up to her. After her death, I’ve been withdrawn and my relationship with my sons and husband hasn’t been the same since. As a result, we divorced. I am glad that justice was served and he was convicted,” Jennifer testified.

Judge Christie Liebenberg is yet to sentence Goliath. Marthino Olivier is prosecuting, with Messe Tjituri representing Goliath.

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