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Re-instated councillors comply with party directive

Re-instated councillors comply with party directive

Re-instated councillors comply with party directive

BACK: Onesmus Shilunga.__Photo: Contributed

Placido Hilukilwa

RECENTLY re-instated Swapo councillors for the Oshakati local authority have finally complied with a directive from the Swapo party’s national headquarters by electing Onesmus Shilunga as the new chairperson of the town council’s management committee.

The meeting on Tuesday morning was a mere formality and lasted about 5 minutes.

Shilunga was nominated by Councillor Loise Shivolo and seconded by Councillor Katrina Shimbulu, thereby “correcting the mistake” that led to the temporary recall of all six Swapo councillors recently.

All six Swapo councillors were recalled after electing Katrina Shimbulu as chairperson of the management committee, contrary to a party directive that instructed them to elect Shilunga to replace Gabriel Kamwanka who occupied the position for the past seven years.

According to the Swapo regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo, the councillors were reinstated last week on condition that they would fully comply with the party directive requiring them to elect Shilunga, the party’s preferred candidate. They did just that, but some party members and town council officials are still murmuring.

“Things are going terribly wrong within the town council. There are so many irregularities. The powers that be are imposing Shilunga as chairperson of the management committee not to clean up the mess, but rather because they want to eventually hold him responsible for the mess,” said a town council official.

Oshakati Chief Executive Officer Werner Iita could not be reached for comment.

A Swapo source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “The party headquarters’ imposition of preferred candidates is illegal and complying with such directives is cowardice of the highest order . This is a betrayal of our democracy.”

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