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Rain pours down in the north

Rain pours down in the north

Maria David

STREET vendors in Ongwediva were left with no choice but to abandon their wares on the sidewalks as heavy rain poured down over the town on Thursday as large parts of the Oshana Region continued to receive good rains over the past two days.


Many of the vendors were forced to go seek shelter and others had to walk down flooded roads with water leaking into their shoes while waiting to catch a taxi.


Thick clouds have been building over Ongwediva throughout Thursday and the rain started to fall just as the late afternoon traffic started to reach its peak.


Rain Ongwediva vendors abondon
Photos: Maria David


Although no official measurements are available people living in Oshakati reported that rain has been failing in the area since Wednesday evening. It is expected that heavy downpours will continue throughout Friday.


Farmers from the areas of Omuthiya up to Oshakati said that they expect more rainfall in the coming days, as February is believed to be the month for good rain.


Residents of Ondangwa, Outapi and Ohangwena has also reported good showers on Wednesday.