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Rain brings thankfulness and joy

Rain brings thankfulness and joy

Rain brings thankfulness and joy
Pictured: Cindy and Mika._Photo: Barista Lambrechts

Niël Terblanché

THE elation expressed by Namibians of all shapes and sizes, when rain falls, is unequalled in a world where joy is sometimes very short-lived.
Cindy the tame baboon, drinking rainwater from rain gauge on the Farm Simmenau in the Khomashochland west of Windhoek, is not only symbolic of special thankfulness people in the country express after good rains, but it also gives the world a glimpse of the uniqueness of the people that live in Namibia.
Barista Lambrechts who raised Cindy from when she was only two weeks old said the baboon is like a child in her home.
“Since last Monday we measured about 55 millimetres of rain on the farm. This morning when we went out to empty the rain gauge Cindy, who is also known as Cindy Crawford after the world renowned super model, went along on the excursion. Our numbers were increased when Mika the warthog joined us on the short walk from the farm house.”
She said Cindy did not take much interest in the rain gauge at first but promptly drank the little rain water inside when the humans wanted to empty it onto the ground.
“Mika kept herself busy with the fresh growth of plants that have shot up since the rain started to fall and the two ostriches in the back ground came running because they were under the impression that some treats were being handed out.”
Barista said her entire family loves animals and orphaned and injured animals always have a special place in her heart and in her home. She added that for a baboon to reach the age of 24 is unusual but Cindy had the best food and care which gave her an advantage her wild cousins do not normally enjoy.
“We raise the young animals until they are old enough to go back into the wild but Cindy and Mika stayed. Mika goes out to the veldt by herself, but she always returns to the house especially when she needs to deliver a litter of baby warthogs.”
Barista said Cindy is a grandmother of sorts because she is obsessed with puppies and piglets. Besides drinking coffee at the large table on the porch in the mornings, Cindy also enjoys watching television with the family in the evenings especially during the cold winter months.

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