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Public protest against bail for Fishrot Six

Public protest against bail for Fishrot Six

Eba Kandovazu

APPROXIMATELY 100 people, many of whom are young people gathered at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court, to demand that no bail should be granted to six accused persons in the fisheries corruption scandal, who were supposed to start with a formal bail application earlier on Monday.


Former justice minister Sacky Shanghala and former fisheries minister Bernhard Esau along with his son-in-law Tamson Hatuikulipi, the former Managing Director of Investec Asset Management and Chairman of the Fishcor Board James Hatuikulipi, Ricardo Gustavo and Pius Mwatelulo are all implicated in the fishing quotas corruption scandal, which led to their arrests last Wednesday.


The formal bail application stalled on Friday following the arrest of two South African lawyers that were supposed to represent the accused persons during the court procedures.


Video: Members of the public protesting outside the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court against the possibility of bail being granted to the six men implicated in the fisheries corruption scandal. – Footage: Eba Kandovazu


Although the demonstrating public members had no written petition, many chanted with posters declaring their disappointment in the highly reported corruption case which attracted an international audience.


Two weeks ago, Icelandic citizens also participated in protest action against corruption in the wake of the Fishrot Files corruption saga.


“Hey #Namibia just so you know we are protesting against #Fishrot and #Samherji here in #Iceland. A lot of #Icelanders are angry about this,” an Icelandic national shared on his Instagram.


In the meantime the Fishrot Six abandoned their intent to bring a formal bail application in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. They will remain behind bars until 20 February 2020.

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