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Protestors hold anti-marijuana demonstration

Protestors hold anti-marijuana demonstration

Members of the public in Karasburg at the Anti-Marijuana protest. Video: Contributed

Zorena Jantze
CLOSE to a hundred people in different regions of the country today held a peaceful march to protest against the proposed legalisation of marijuana.
Sarah Elago, the leader of the protesting groups, which marched in Windhoek, Karasburg, and Ondangwa, urged government and law makers not to consider proposal for the legalisation to marijuana and to keep the status quo.
“People in our society, at the moment, from different generations, become victims of marijuana. Many marijuana users drop out school, and this puts the future of Namibia at stake. Not only that, but many marijuana users have been kicked out of employment and some are unproductive employees to the addiction of marijuana,” Elago noted.
Elago, also a director of the Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre, added that many inmates are ex-marijuana users.
She further exemplified that the numbers of rehab centre in neighbouring South Africa have shot through the roof because of the misuse of the substance.

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