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THE young paramedic who was alleg­edly gang-raped in the holding cells of the Windhoek Police station
intends to file a civil claim against individual po­lice officers of the City
Police and the Namibian Police, the City of Windhoek and Ministry of Safety and
Security, amongst others.

Although only accused of some kind of assault, the 32-year-old Benyamen Ismael was locked in the holding
cells with trial awaiting prisoners on Friday when the nightmarish incident
occurred. He claimed that members of the City Police and Namibian Police
instructed the trial awaiting prisoners to “make him a woman” – a phrase alleg­edly
used to indicate sexual assault.

“Since the incident, I have acquired the services of a lawyer and I have already made a sworn affidavit
that will form part of the civil claim against the various parties involved,”

he said.

Although the incident occurred on Friday, Ismael only managed to register the sexual assault case on Sunday
afternoon. He had to spend the entire Saturday night and a large part of Sunday
at the Katutura State Hospi­tal while waiting for the doctor who initially
examined him to confirm that he was indeed sodomised and to issue him with the
necessary documentation before he could proceed to register the rape case.
Since registering the case and after engaging the services of a private lawyer,
he went for a second medical examination by a private physician and also
received counselling from the occupational health officer employed by the City
of Windhoek.

“I have not been contacted by
an investigating officer since registering the case,”

he said.

A telephone call recorded by the vic­tim to a yet unidentified senior officer at the Windhoek City Police
enquiring about the whereabouts of his car while he was still locked up on
Friday, result­ed in the officer telling the victim that he is impolite.

“Are you the colleague from the Fire Brigade? Katiti will learn (sic) you a lesson. If you come out and go on
you will go back in. Katiti cannot be contacted to find your car. He is on the
road doing his job,”

the city police officer can be heard telling the victim.

The Inspector-General of the Namib­ian Police, Lieutenant-General Sebas­tian Ndeitunga, said over the
weekend that investigation into the case will be given priority. Chief
Inspector Kauna Shikwambi said that besides the alleged rape, a separate
investigation has also been launched into the reason a person accused of common
assault was locked up in the holding cells with hardened trial-awaiting

“In this case the wheels of justice must be given a chance to turn. The in­vestigation will identify and prosecute the
prisoners who perpetrated the al­leged gang-rape. The investigation will also
have to determine why the victim was locked up with the trial-awaiting
prisoners and if any of the officers involved can be held criminally liable for
the allegation of ordering the hard­ened criminals to sexually assault the

he said.

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