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Pressure on state to finalise city shooting investigations

Pressure on state to finalise city shooting investigations

Staff Reporter

THE possibility of letting free a man who in January fatally shot his boss because of apparent contract renewal issues are high, with the state given the final chance to finalise its investigations in the matter.

Simasiku Simataa made another court appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s court where the status on investigations were heard.

File Photo: Simasiku Simataa

He in March entered the premises of his previous work place, Global Fund, and gunned down his boss, Sarah Mwilima, before shooting and seriously injuring his supervisor, Ester Nepolo.

The state informed Magistrate Stanley Vanessa that investigations are not final, as two statements are still pending. The ballistic results are also pending at this stage. Nepolo is yet to give her statement. A police officer, one of the first to arrive at the crime scene, is also expected to give his statement before 13 June when the court is expected to resume.

In the event that these statements and results are not available on that day, the matter will be struck from the roll and Simataa released from prison.

The magistrate has ordered for a final remand.

Family members of the late Mwilima, including her husband and children, formed part of a packed gallery. They declined to comment but did express disappointment at the snail pace of the investigations.

The unnamed investigating officer who spoke to Informanté shortly after the adjournment said that attempts have been made to get a statement from the second victim, but that it is difficult to do so as she is still recovering from surgery after bullets were removed from her body.

Nepolo was rushed to Lady Pohamba private hospital where she was in intensive care unit. Mwilima was pronounced dead at the scene, while Nepolo was rushed to a private hospital and was kept in ICU for days after the shooting in the capital’s city centre.

Simataa has expressed interest in bringing forth a formal bail application.

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