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Preparation for the upcoming election underway

Preparation for the upcoming election underway

Staff Reporter

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has printed close to 20,000 ballot papers for both the Presidential and National Assembly elections for registered voters currently based abroad.


Chief Electoral Officer, Theo Mujoro, said the voting materials and equipment for the elections have been finalised and are currently being air transported to the deferent foreign missions.


This translates to 9,200 ballot papers for the Presidential elections and the same amount for the National Assembly elections.


On the local front, 250 EVM ballot papers have been printed for the Presidential elections and the same number for the National Assembly elections


“In terms of local voting operations, a total number of 151 polling stations have been determined for polling process in the 121 constituencies country wide,” Mujoro noted.

The deployment of the team to the designated polling stations is scheduled to start tomorrow.


The ECN is encouraging all Namibians in the country and abroad who are entitled to vote as per the Electoral Act to go to their nearest designated polling stations to cast their voters.


According to Mujoro, in terms of the polling process at the Namibian Foreign mission, the elections will be conducted by use of manual ballot papers, this purely for logistical reasons.


The manual ballot papers have been verified for correctness and endorsed by political parties that will be contesting in the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections.


Mujoro lastly noted that the jurisdictional fact in the respect of the categories of persons that may vote 14 days before 27 November 2019, are persons who are outside of Namibia on 27 November, persons who are on board any vessel and persons who are members of the police and defence force, as well as correctional service and who are required to be on duty within or outside of Namibia.

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