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Political history was made

Political history was made

Political history was made
Pictured: Ujitua Muniangue._Photo: Contributed

Staff Reporter

Utjiua Muniangue will henceforth forever be known as the first female to be elected as the leader of a political party in Namibia and unless another political party elect a female president before November, she will be the first ever woman in country’s history to contest for the Namibian Presidency in the National Elections.
Muniangue made history when she was elected as president of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) during an extraordinary congress of the party held in Windhoek over the weekend. She defeated Vetaruhe Kandorozu during tightly contested presidential election.
“I feel honoured and trusted that I am elected not only the first female president for Namibia, but also for SADC. I will try my level best to make a difference. It is now time for women. Women should never underestimate themselves. We have the ability. We should not look at ourselves as women and limit ourselves,” Muniangue said during a telephonic interview.
This weekend’s congress follows an intense contest for the Nudo party’s presidency that started last year following a growing gap between two factions in the party.
Muniangue declared herself president at the end of the party’s congress last year. The ensuing confusion among senior members of the party eventually led to a squabble in the High Court before finally settling for mediation late last year.
Meanwhile, Joseph Kauandenge was elected Secretary General of NUDO at this weekend’s congress.
NUDO scheduled a press conference for Tuesday where the party is expected to declare if their newly elected party president will contest for the position of Namibian President in the National Elections scheduled for November this year.


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