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Police condemn mob justice at Ondukuta (Not for sensitive viewers)

Police condemn mob justice at Ondukuta (Not for sensitive viewers)

Footage: Contributed (Not for sensitive viewers)

Placido Hilukilwa
THE Namibian Police in the Omusati Region have condemned an incident in which two men and a woman were attacked and brutally beaten by a mob of angry residents who accused the trio of being in possession of deadly poison and of being responsible for the recent death of several residents.
According to police spokesperson Lineekela Shikongo it all started when 26-year-old Moses Shiningayamwe Embula fell ill while socializing at a certain shebeen and was taken to hospital where he died on 4 July, raising suspicions that he was poisoned.
“Even though the death certificate indicated that his death had a natural cause, his relatives and friends were not convinced and demanded a post mortem which was conducted by a medical doctor at Okahao. The results confirmed what was already stated in the death certificate,” said Shikongo.
The deceased was laid to rest on Saturday and on Monday mob justice was meted out against those falsely accused of having poisoned Embula.
They were attacked by a mob that demanded that they hand over the deadly poison and at least one shebeen was dismantled and items found inside were gathered in a pile and set on fire.
“When police officers arrived on the scene they tried to control the unruly crowd and transported the assault victims to the hospital,” said Shikongo.
He said the victim’s have opened criminal cases and the police are now hard at work to identify suspects.
“We will not leave a stone unturned. We will arrest them all one by one. This is a democratic country and mob justice cannot be allowed,” Shikongo said.