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Poacher gets N$18 000 bail

Poacher gets N$18 000 bail

Eba Kandovazu
A MAN, who stands accused of poaching two rhinos along with four other men on a private farm in the area of Kamanjab in December last year, was granted bail in the amount of N$18 000 this morning.
Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala found that the 35-year-old George Nanyeni only role in the crime was that he transported his four co-accused, who actually slaughtered the rhinos, away from the crime scene.
The State is charging that the suspects poached a black Rhino valued at N$800 000 and a white rhino at the value of N$500 000. They have been in custody since their arrest in February this year.
“It is apparent that he never entered the farm where the rhinos were killed as it is apparent that the role he played was merely that of transportation. A state witness conceded on saying that the applicant didn’t hunt but only transported the hunters,” Magistrate Udjombala ruled.
Nanyeni, a father of two hails from Oshitayi in the Oshana region. He testified that he makes a profit of N$8000 for selling vehicles that he buys at auctions and could only afford N$5000.
He was however slapped with a bail amount of N$18 000 despite that.
In his own defence Nanyeni told the court that upon his arrest, he was not provided with evidence that links him to the scene of the crime, claiming that he was also assaulted by police officers to ‘tell the truth’. The accused person did not call any witnesses in his defence and testified that he was at his grandmother’s birthday celebration in the north on the day in question.
State Prosecutor Johannes Kalipi informed the court that the rhinos’ remains were discovered on the farm in a decomposed state.
The State initially objected to the granting of bail for fear of the accused person absconding, the seriousness of the offense and public interest.
Magistrate Udjombala ordered that the accused surrender his passport and that he reports at the Ondangwa police station every Wednesday, Monday and Friday between 8h00 and 20h00.
It was also ordered that a passport photo of Nanyeni be placed at all border posts and the international Airport.
On the assault accusations against the police officers at the Outjo police station, the station Commander has been directed to investigate the allegations.