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Pharmacist says doctor prescribed rape victim an overdose

Pharmacist says doctor prescribed rape victim an overdose

Eba Kandovazu

A PHARMACIST from Swakopmund this morning testified that the psychiatrist who is currently on trial for allegedly raping his patient prescribed his patient with extremely high doses of anti-psychosis medication.


Wellem Jordan told the court that he was shocked when the rape victim, who is a regular customer of his, showed her a sheet indicating the purported prescribed medication by Dr Pieter van der Westhuizen.


Jordan said that although the prescription was not indicated on the usual prescription sheet, Dr van der Westhuizen had written it on a separate sheet of paper.


Van der Westhuizen is facing a charge of rape, in that he allegedly sexually assaulted a patient of his at his consultation practice in Swakopmund in 2015.


The victim in an earlier interview with Informanté said that van der Westhuizen had advised to do a narco analysis on her – a procedure which involves an unconscious state of mind.

RAPE ACCUSED: Dr Pieter van der Westhuizen. Photo: Contributed

Although she was numb and drowsy, she remembers the rape incident but could not stop it, she said.


“I stood there and saw as the doctor went back to his desk. I trusted him and he took advantage of my trust,” she said.


The victim was reportedly kept in the consultation room for 7 hours.


The pharmacist told Acting Judge Eileen Rukow that he had known the victim before from Otjiwarongo where he was working before moving to Swakopmund.


“I called Dr van der Westhuizen to confirm if the prescription he had given the patient was indeed correct because I have never seen such a high dose. I saw the victim again on a Saturday and she was physically agitated, pacing up and down the pharmacy,” Jordan testified.
Jordan maintained in cross examination that the medication prescribed to the victim by van der Westhuizen blocks the re-up take of neuro transmitters and it is a central nervous system stimulant, although he did not know the reason the pills were prescribed.

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