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People caught fishing in sewage ponds

People caught fishing in sewage ponds

Placido Hilukilwa

OFFICIALS of the Ongwediva Town Council in the Oshana Region in cooperation with the Namibian Police have confiscated fish from local residents who were caught red-handed fishing in the town’s sewage ponds on Sunday.


It is alleged that some villagers penetrated the perimeter of the sewage ponds through a hole in the fence to catch fish in a drainage canal between two sewage ponds.


The fence was apparently cut by local livestock farmers to enable their livestock to access good grazing inside the perimeter of the sewage ponds.

Footage: Contributed

The town council was tipped off on Sunday about the health-endangering fishing activities. A number of people who were found at the scene were taken to the local police station where the fish and the fishing equipment were confiscated and the “fishers” severely reprimanded.


“Fish from sewage ponds poses a serious health hazard. It is simply not fit for human consumption,” said police spokesperson Inspector Thomas Aiyambo.


Ongwediva Town Council spokesperson Jackson Muma said that those who catch fish in sewage ponds do not do so for own consumption.


“Their intention is to sell the fish to unsuspecting customers. To disguise the origin of the fish they are selling, they might travel to faraway places where customers suspect no foul play,” he said.


Muma noted that the damaged fence will be repaired and other preventative measures will be put in place promptly.

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