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Pastor ‘brainwashed’ elderly woman to sell house

Pastor ‘brainwashed’ elderly woman to sell house

Eba Kandovazu

THE daughter of a woman whose house was allegedly dubiously transferred into a pastor’s name says the ‘man of God’, who is reportedly also a traditional healer, took advantage of her mother at a time that she was most vulnerable. 

The house, according to her, was worth N$1.5 million, but that the pastor only offered to pay her mother N$200 000 in 2014.

Elzitte Neis testified in the high court today that she and her brother had no choice but to move out of their home where they had been living with their mother, Elizabeth Neis. 

Photo: Elizabeth Neis

Elizabeth, a former nurse, had allegedly consulted with the pastor, 36-year-old Kenneth Kasuma, who informed her that an ‘evil spirit’ was haunting the house and that he therefore needed to cleanse the house.

During the ‘cleansing’ of the house, however, Elzitte says Kasuma allegedly offered to give them N$2 million to buy another house, but that only N$200 000 was paid. 

“The move was so sudden and I was so angry with my mother for believing Kenneth that an evil spirit would kill us. I was upset because my mom was the first owner of the house and no one had lived there before us. We moved from place to place and we got evicted until I eventually got my own place. The situation forced me to lose contact with my mother for a year. Kasuma took advantage of my mother when she had problems. She is generally a trusting person who is an easy target for people to take advantage of,” Elzitte told the court.

Her brother, Bruce Jossop, also testified that Kasuma agreed he would pay N$2 million for the house.

Kasuma, through his lawyer Kadhila Amoomo denies having such an agreement. 

He further denies that his client is a traditional healing, saying that the only relationship that existed between Elizabeth and Kasuma was that of a purchaser and a seller.

Kasume insists the initial agreement was N$200 000 and not N$2 million for the house.

The matter continues before Judge Collins Parker. 

Rachel Mondo is representing Elizabeth.

Earlier this year, Informante reported that Kasume was arrested at Eenhana for allegedly swindling more than N$300 000 from unsuspecting residents of Eenhana and surrounding villages under the pretext of being a traditional healer. 

His criminal charges are before the Eenhana Magistrates court.