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Over 1,700 Teaching posts to be rolled out

Over 1,700 Teaching posts to be rolled out

Staff Reporter

THE Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has announced that its teaching vacancy bulletin for the year 2020 will consist of a total 1,746 teaching posts.

Spokesperson at the ministry, Absalom Absalom, stated that of the 1,746 posts advertised for 2020, of which 35 posts are principals, 121 posts are for Head of Departments (HODs) and 1,590 posts for teachers.

He added that the teaching posts have been identified as critical, hence the need to be filled in order for the teaching and learning process not to be compromised.

Absalom further explained that the posts for school principals and HODs which are currently vacant but have already been advertised are not included in the current numbers.

UNDERSTAFFED: Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

The Ministry’s spokesperson further stated that a decrease was recorded in teaching vacancies, from 1,851 for 2019 to 1,590 for 2020. 

Absalom also stated that there is a decrease in HOD vacant positions, from 195 posts in 2019, to a total 121 HOD posts advertised for 2020. Similarly, a decrease is also noted in principal vacant positions, from 66 for 2019 to 35 for 2020. 

He stressed that it should be noted that the issue of overstaffing and understaffing, as well as currently studying and employed teachers with a ministerial 5 years contract, have been considered and addressed before the submission of new vacancies. 

“These teaching posts are currently occupied by temporary teachers of which their contracts end in December 2019, and principals are occupied through acting. The closing date for teachers positions is 11 October 2019, while for principals and Head of Departments is 25 October 2019,” Absalom stated.

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