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OTC delivers on land servicing

OTC delivers on land servicing

OTC delivers on land servicing
Housing at the forefront: The Mayor of Oshakati Angelus Iiyambo._Photo: Contributed

Maria David

THE Oshakati town council has serviced a total of 4 319 residential plots, following the National Massive Urban Land Servicing Project.

More are expected to be completed soon.

The Council has also commenced with the servicing of Onawa reception, which will consist of 3 000 ervens and will cater for low income earners.

According to Town council spokesperson Katarina Kamari, the town has so far serviced 2 250 ervens in Ekuku, 1 860 in Ehenye and 209 in Extension 16.

Oshakati Mayor Angelus Iiyambo stated that as a nation, Namibia is still confronted with the challenges of backlog in the supply of serviced residential land, as well as decent and affordable housing in urban areas.

“Oshakati Town Council with its determined leadership, is challenged to prove its mandate of service delivery, in terms of availing serviced land for construction,” said Iiyambo.

According to him, they will continue to service more land so that entities in the house development sector will be able to construct houses for residents. The ultimate aim is to provide exceptional houses to the residents of Oshakati.

Iiyambo explained that when land is serviced and available for the construction of houses, they expect it to move at a fast pace so that the houses are occupied immediately to avoid any vandalism and also ensure development in the town.

Despite all the efforts to service land, Iiyambo noted that the process also leaves council with challenges, of which the main one is the financing of all their projects. This includes bulk electrical supply to the new developments, funds to continue with major land servicing projects and expansion of oxidation ponds to accommodate the developments.

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