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Oshikoto aims to be crime free

Oshikoto aims to be crime free

Maria David
Focussed operations to combat crime and crime awareness campaigns brought about a reduction there in the rate at which crimes are committed in the Oshikoto Region.
Governor of Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi, said during his State of the Region Address that during the period under review the Namibian Police demonstrated that they can make a tangible impact in society, in line with their objectives, which are inter alia, the promotion of safety and security as well as the combating of crime.
Kankoshi explained that through the outreach programme in the communities in collaboration with the key stakeholders and carrying out of general Crime Prevention Initiatives, particularly in the crime prone areas, Kankoshi noted that the region aims to be crime free.
“Due to the 15 effort in place, crime situation in the Region could be viewed to be manageable and under control,” said Kankoshi.
Furthermore, Kankoshi, noted that there is also a reduction in road accidents rate through Awareness Campaigns in close partnership with key stakeholders as well as the carrying out of Traffic Law Enforcement Operations on the national roads.

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