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Oshakati re-location of residents continue

Oshakati re-location of residents continue

Maria David
THE re-location of people to the new Onawa neighbourhood where they wil access to municipal servcies will be determined by the Eemwandi informal settlement residents.
Oshakati Town Council spokesperson Katarina Kamari said that council plans to relocate other areas, however this is still in the planning stage.

Pictured: Oshakati Town Council spokesperson Katarina Kamari. Photo: Contributed

“We would like to see how this process of Eemwandi relocation will go in order for us to make proper planning for the next relocations to take place in the future,” said Kamari.
The Eemwandi re-location commenced on the 7th May 2019, the total of Eemwandi houses are at 320. They are divided into blocks from A-H.
The re-location started with block E, F, G, H, D and A and the council is currently busy relocating block B and from there only block C will be left.
The re-location process of the Eemwandi to Onawa reception is expected to be completed by the end of this month.
“At this point, Council cannot give the exact cost as there are some minor cost that are added to the budget of relocation but total figure will be calculated at the end of the relocation process,” explained Kamari.
About 320 Households living in Eemwandi will be relocated to Onawa location, with only 131 structures re-located so far, 29 bricks structures remaining and 20 illegal structures found.
Meanwhile, 31 residents from Eemwandi location have already been relocated to Ekuku.
Kamari noted that the registration of all households in Eemwandi were already done in 2016, which allowed Council to conduct proper planning in terms of servicing land at Onawa to accommodate the residents of Eemwandi location.
The resident of Eemwandi location are the first priority of Oshakati for relocation as they are currently living in underprivileged conditions where there is no access to basic services.

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