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Oshakati meetings promote Christian dialogue

Oshakati meetings promote Christian dialogue

Placido Hilukilwa
CHRISTIANS from different denominations who participate in regular meetings held in the Oneshila Community Hall, Oshakati, are unanimous in affirming that they have learned a lot and gained a better understanding ever since their discussion platform was established in 2014.
They meet every second Sunday to discuss not only issues they hold in common but also to touch on issues that cause division among Christians.
According to participants, the discussion started spontaneously and participants are not official representatives of their denominations, but merely people interested in fostering dialogue between Christians and who want to gain a better understanding of what different denominations believe and teach.
Participants include pastors, evangelists and holders of other leadership positions as well as interested ordinary members of the Jesus Reign Ministry, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, ELCIN, the Evangelical Baptist Church among others.
Representatives of the Potter’s House and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church also participated initially but have ever since dropped out.
“There are many issues we agree on and that is very important. But disagreements are sometimes so intense that at the end of the day we simply agree to disagree and move on,” said Wilhelm Daniel of ELCIN.
According to participants, the apparently insurmountable disagreements revolve around the doctrine of salvation, the mode of baptism and who qualifies to be baptised.

Pictured: Participants pose for a photo after one of their ordinary meetings. Bishop Carlos Ndamba addresses the Oneshila gathering. Photos: Placido Hilukilwa

The discussion platform is co-chaired by Bishop Carlos Ndamba of the Holiness Ministry and Andreas Shiimbashike of the Full Gospel Church of God.
“When we started in 2014 we had no idea that this discussion forum would last for years,” said Shiimbashike.

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