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Operation Kalahari Desert will flush out criminals

Operation Kalahari Desert will flush out criminals

Video: Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga speaks his mind on Operation Kalahari Desert. – Footage: Eba Kandovazu

Eba Kandovazu

CRIMINALS holding Namibian society hostage through their deeds are facing a tougher time from now until the end of December during the duration of Operation Kalahari Desert as a combined crime fighting force from the Namibian Security Cluster will bear down even harder on them than during Operation Hornkranz.

Other individuals, who can expect equally harsh treatment, are law enforcement officers who own bars and resist requests by the combined crime fighting force members on duty to close their establishments at the correct times

At the official launch of Operation Kalahari Desert in Windhoek the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga said the next phase of the crime prevention operation, which will run until December, and is aimed at flushing out criminals in all 14 regions of Namibia. At the same time law abiding residents of the country can look forward to much safer neighbourhoods

Although the new combined crime prevention operations costs a lot of money and are heavy on resources, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga insisted that it will not deter the operations from going ahead as planned as the ends justify the means in the face of rising crimes statics in the country.

“This operation will definitely be more intensive than operation Hornkranz. Democracy does not mean chaos and anarchy. There should be discipline. Our people are now afraid. Our children are afraid of moving freely at night when they come from evening classes and businessmen are afraid of carrying their cash around,” Ndeitunga said.

General Ndeitunga, however, called on police officers to treat suspects with dignity and respect when they are arrested and appear before court. This, he said should be in line with the rules governing the country and the element of innocent until proven guilty.

Like Operation Hornkranz, Operation Kalahari Desert will again be a joint-venture between Nampol, the Namibian Defence Force, officers from the Correctional Services, the Windhoek City Police, municipal traffic officers and civilian crime prevention organisations.

To augment the efforts of the national security cluster’s joint crime fighting force, the NDF has donated the use of 14 fully equipped military vehicles for the duration of the new operation.

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