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Operation Hornkraz to continue

Operation Hornkraz to continue

Operation Hornkraz to continue
Confiscated goods: Vice President Nangolo Mbumba looking at some of the items recovered during operation Hornkraz._Photo: Aili Iilonga

Aili Iilonga

Ndeitunga addresses public complaints

DESPITE Operation Hornkraz being received with mixed feelings by members of the public during the festivities season, the operation will continue after Nampol Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga hailed it a success.

Ndeitunga said President Hage Geingob gave orders for the continuation of the operation and that those that were thinking that come 15 January they will start with unlawful activities are in for a big surprise”.

Ndeitunga was speaking yesterday at the debriefing on the operation outcome to Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, where he said that feedback received has indicated that many peace loving Namibians were happy with the work done by the Namibian police force, Defense and women and men network units.

“Those critising the operation do not want law and order,” he stated.

Addressing many of the complaints logged about the operation, Ndeitunga stated that complaints about NDF not understanding human rights are not true as they are professionally trained to work within the law.

“In a democratic state, you can never satisfy everybody and criticism will always be there. Those complaining just want people to dance to their tune. They do not want law and order,” he said.

He jokingly retorted that members of the NDF forcing members of the public to do push-ups should be seen as a form of “healthy exercise” or “sports discipline”.

“Some of those people were drunk when they were found and after the pushups they become sober,” he joked.

Statics from Operation Hornkraz indicate that an overall increase of 208 cases reported ranging from murder, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), rape, suicide and armed robbery.

“It indicates that murders and assault increased with 20 and 71 new cases, respectively, during the festive season,” the report states.

The report also indicated a decrease in death on the road, with 82 cases opened in comparison to 122 during the 2017/18 period.

“The number of crashes has also decreased from 509 to 430 and injuries from 945 down to 779” read the report.

Officers reportedly confiscated drugs worth N$5,6million, ranging from madrax, cocaine crack and powder and cannabis.

A total 127 Namibians, six Zambians and 1 South African nationals were arrested after they were found in the possession of illicit drugs.

Mbumba applauded the officers for the commitment towards the operation and in keeping Namibia safe.

“I congratulate you for your professionalism during the festive season and for defending the Namibian people,” he said.

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