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Ongwediva mass crash contradictions

Ongwediva mass crash contradictions

Placido Hilukilwa
THE dramatic motor vehicle accidents that occurred at Ongwediva on Tuesday in which two people died, five were injured and four vehicles were damaged, is in muddled waters again with yet another version contradicting earlier claims that the occupants of the Volkswagen Golf were robbers.
Ndapandula Ndashaala, a sister of one of the five people who were injured in the accident, dismissed claims that the occupants of the Volkswagen Golf (N7487SH) were criminals who allegedly robbed a 55-year-old woman who is suspected of having caused the chain of accidents.
“I am the sister of Onesmus Ndashaala who was driving the VV Golf and who was seriously injured. I visited him in hospital and he denies that there was any robbery. They were simply driving from Oshakati when their car was suddenly hit by an oncoming vehicle,” she said.
According to early police reports, the chain of accidents started when a Toyota double cab (N181620W) driven by 55-year-old woman down the Mandume Ndemufayo Street bumped a Toyota Corolla but did not stop and while speeding away bumped yet another vehicle, a Volkswagen Golf sedan with four occupants.
Two occupants – Shonena Likius (45) and Jason Absalom (37) – were seriously injured and died upon arrival at the hospital.
The other two occupants – Ndashaala Onesmus (37) who was driving and Hamupolo Mangululenge (37) – as well as the driver of the Toyota pick-up and her passenger were also injured and rushed to the hospital.

Pictured: Four vehicles damaged during a strange chain of events in Ongwediva on Tuesday. – Photos: Contfributed

A stationary Amarok double cab (N 2273 SH) was also damaged in the accident.
The police are investigating cases of defeating the course of justice, reckless and negligent driving and of failing to stop at the scene of an accident to ascertain injuries and damage.
Another version suggests that the 55-year-old female was robbed by criminals who used the VV Golf as a getaway vehicle and she decided to chase the fleeing car. In the process she bumped not only the VV Golf but also a Toyota Corolla and a stationary Amarok.
The police could neither confirm nor directly dismiss the claims, but a number of police officers have privately confirmed in conversation with Informanté that “a fake police ID” was found in the wreckage of the VV Golf, raising suspicions that the occupants of the vehicle might indeed have been involved in some kind of criminal activities.
Meanwhile, Informanté traced traditional leader and retired secondary school principal, Kamunyengo Shilongo, the husband of the 55-year-old woman suspected of having caused the accidents.
He said that he was at the farm and only returned home after the incident.
“I myself do not yet know what really happened. She is in critical but stable condition and still in shock. Therefore I avoided asking her about what transpired. The only other person who could provide information is her passenger, but she is also in a very critical condition,” said Shilongo after visiting his wife this afternoon.

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