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Ondangwa determined to keep title

Ondangwa determined to keep title

Maria David
MAYOR of Ondangwa Paavo Amwele said that his community is determine to keep Ondangwa clean to ensure that it remains the best town in the country.

Pictured: The Mayor of Ondangwa, Paavo Amwele – Photo: Maria David

Amwele made this remarks whilst speaking to the media at the town on Wednesday in expressing his joy after Ondangwa was declared best town of the year.
Ondangwa was amongst the four finalists out of 21 towns that participated in the competition to become ‘Cleaner Towns of the Year’, which stated running from July last. The other three runners up was Oranjemund, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.
In 2016, Amwele gave all his salary to the youth ensuring that they clean town, which was paid to them on a monthly basis.
“I had volunteered a year and half in 2016/17 to give myself to youth in order for them to clean the town,” said Amwele.
He explained that victory was a result of residents’ commitment for practicing what they were taught during the environmental cleaning education awareness that was given to them by member of the regional council.
According to Amwele the town has changed significantly and stated: “I am not saying it was not clean or properly maintained, but we saw the challenges and worked on keeping the town clean.”
Town spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho said that the 70 percent of the points in the competition came from the assessment while 30 percent came from a short message service (SMS)vote that lead to the town being declared as the town of the year.
The initiative is not only aimed at encouraging the continuous efforts to clean up the towns and improve on appearance and also to seeks to instil a set of values that will encourage citizens to take pride in their residences and their towns.

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