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Omungwelume SS hostel initiative reaches thousands

Omungwelume SS hostel initiative reaches thousands

Maria David
A fundraising function for the construction of leaners’ accommodation at the Omungwelume Secondary School in the Ohangwena Region on Saturday raised N$ 509 100.
The function, held at the school, was attended by former learners, teachers and members of the Ohangwena Regional Council and also received pledges of 264 bags of cement.
The lack of school hostel accommodation is said to have resulted in learners renting expensive private rooms and some allegedly using car wreckages for shelter.

Pictured: Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa. Photo: Contributed

The event comes after Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa, visited the school in 2017 and initiated to mobilize funds for the construction of a hostel.
Nghaamwa’s office made the highest pledges which included N$400 000, an ox worth N$14 000, 58 500 super bricks and 30 bags of mahangu he had donated to the school previously.
Nghaamwa, stated that the learners are renting in sorry state accommodation in the vicinity of Omungwelume settlement.
“It is our responsibility as parents and leaders to prepare the future of our young generation before they blame us,” he said, adding that once the hostel is constructed, they will be able to encourage the learners to study harder and perform well.
In a speech delivered on her behalf, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa expressed delight that Nghaamwa had acquired and already delivered bricks to the school.
“This enormous contribution towards the education of the Namibian child by the governor is indeed inspiring,” she stated, while admitting that Nghaamwa has also made other personal contributions to different schools within his community and the region.
The Minister described Nghaamwa as a great man, saying the hostel will positively influence the performance of the school through learner success, high learner retention rates and learner satisfaction that will enable them to concentrate on their studies.
“Likewise, the hostel will mitigate safety concerns, unintended pregnancies, sexual health issues and the risk of girls and boys being taken advantage of by predators in exchange for favours in order to survive the semester,” she noted.
Education director for the Region, Isaak Hamatwi, also applauded the governor for accepting to carry the burden of leadership in the region.
He noted that Nghaamwa has a strong belief that it is today that we create the future. Because of that believe he travels paths less traveled and a committed leader with a profound sense of duty
The school plans to build hostel which can accommodate at least 200 girls and boys, with the money raise.

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