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Omaheke farmers battling armyworms

Omaheke farmers battling armyworms

Marthina Mutanga 

AFTER receiving good rainfall in some parts of the country, farmers in the Aminuis area of the Omaheke Region are experiencing an armyworm outbreak which is reportedly rapidly destroying crops.


Farmers are particularly concerned because Aminuis was one of the hardest hit drought area and they fear that the worms will destroy the little that they have left.


They added that they are trying to control the situation with pesticides, but that it is a challenge because apart from the fact that they are resistant to the pesticides, the worms also reproduce at a very fast pace fast and in large numbers.



The armyworms can also migrate long distances and hide under leaves.

Agriculture ministry spokesperson Jona Musheko said that they have received a report from the regional office at Omaheke and that they are going to dispatch a team tomorrow to observe and investigation the type of worms.


“When the team comes back with feedback then we can inform the public what will happened to prevent the spread of this armyworm,” Musheko said.


The outbreak poses a significant threat to smallholder farmers, mainly maize farmers.

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