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Omaalala villagers demand electricity

Omaalala villagers demand electricity

Placido Hilukilwa
THE demand for electricity is very high in the Ongwediva constituency of the Oshana Region, but the government will prioritise those areas that are far away from the main electricity grid while encouraging those who are nearest to the grid to meet government half way.
This was said by Ongwediva constituency councilor, Andreas Uutoni, while responding to the complaints of Omaalala village residents who are accusing government of ignoring their demand for electricity for many years.
The complainants have a cluster of houses near the Ondangwa-Oshakati main road less than a kilometer from the existing electricity grid.
They are not happy that houses on the southern side of the main road were electrified, but the demand to also electrify the northern side of the road has so far fallen on deaf ears.
Uutoni said that he is aware of the villagers’ demands.
“We are aware of their plight, but our budget is limited. To tell you the truth, rural electrification is very expensive, therefore, with our limited budget we have to prioritise the remote villages where the need is most acute,” he said, adding that it is not a matter of discriminating against some residents, but rather a matter of prioritising the neediest areas.
He is encouraging those closer to the main grid on the northern side of the road to at least meet government half way like their counterparts on the southern side of the road did.
“I encourage them to go to NORED Electricity, get a quotation and bring it to my office to see how we can share the costs,” he said.

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